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Welcome to Zimbabwe CD-land of contradiction

Abert Nyathi's first album in Zimbabwe was kuze Kubi Nini- For How Long released in 1994 has tracks that have entered Zimbabwe's musichall of fame.

Ngenkani was released in 1999. Albert's third recording after his great Zimbabwean hit Senzenina- For How Long?

Ngenkani is dedicated to Highlanders Football Club in Bulawayo

  • Track 1: Ngenkani - by all means necessary
    Track 2: Nyiyakhuluma - I speak
    Track 3: Ukhozi - a hawk
    Track 4: Isavunguzane - a whirlwind
    Track 5: Sala khule - stay well
    Track 6: Ngenkani Remix
    Track 7: Isavunguzane Remix
    Track 8: Ngenkani - poetry


Welcome to Zimbabwe was released in 2000. Touring the UK the Cd actually explores the economic and cultural landscape of Zimbabwe. Download sample MP4 track(s) using the free Apple QuickTime player for all PCs