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E Dlamini

Owen Ncube


Mandla Sibanda- Kutamba Kids!

Mandla Sibanda
who initiated the school with SEMEA has worked across 180 schools in Yorkshire and Derbyshire in 2003 and tragically passed away in 2012. From his early days with Sunduza Dance Theatre in Zimbabwe he has believed in cross cultural communication. We would wish the school to continue his spirit in developing progressive work acros communities.


Richard Mahachi

Richard is originally from Umkathi Theatre Works in Njube, Bulawayo. He has been contributing to workshops with CHIPAWO in Harare, and projects through ZATCYP as well as being chosen to lead workshops in Scandanavia. He is an enthusiastic dancer, percussionist and enjoys creating new plays for the stage.

Ethel Dlamini-Maqeda
Formerly Senior lecturer in performing arts at the University fo Zimbabwe and workshop facilitator for CHIPAWO (Childrens Performing Arts workshop). She recently completed her MA in Creative writing at Sheffield University and is now starting her Phd. She was a member of Zambuko izibuko Theatre and led many theatre workshops in Southern Africa

Owen Ncube
Formerly toured with Siyaya Theatre company. He is a versatile dance teacher and choreographer. He has a great style in percussion. He is best known for his work with the African language school, Kutamba Kids and the national "Africa Challenge" now known as the Leadership Challenge he supports with members of the Kutamba team and their support for Accounting4Africa.

Philip Weiss
Established SEMEA & Kutamba in 2002 having returned from Zimbabwe. Formerly member of Zambuko Izibuko frontline theatre, Zimbabwe All Stars, and producer/ manager of Sunduza dance Theatre. He is a teacher, musician, producer, and UNESCO trained film maker who worked on educational films in Zimbabwe. He writes extensively on environmental issues for Zimbabwean schools and loves supporting the school.


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