Artists for Africa Challenge-Singing for Change Project

At the heart of political change and economic development is creative thinking. The artists share and express the desires of ordinary people and are often the first to be incarcerated by governments not wishing to hear unpallatable truths. Only the few famous artists from Africa are known in the west but what of the hundreds not supported by major recording labels who work everyday in their communities. They are the communicators and orators of their societies.

This video clip from the EU suggests the role culture plays in development They are the mirror which reflects the issues of the day and which provoke thought and change. Join us in supporting their community actions and discover more about development issues.


Mdg trendsSource: Unisil
The map shows the progress towards achieving the Millenum development Goals. For a larger version click here
Our programme at the Es'phakeni Youth Arts Centre in Pumula, Bulawayo progresses with your support. We thank our sponsors at Global Community Links, DFID & the British Council. Though the nationallly funded programme has now ended (Sept 2011)it has left a legacy of interest and activity which will continue for many more years. This is our tenth anniversary year of working on the Es'phakeni project. Check out the Millenium 8 Goals for Africa video with Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukudzi

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