Philip Weiss: Project Director. He has worked extensively in Southern Africa as a teacher and head of various school geography departments. He is a writer, trained at the Institute of Education(London) and at SOAS . He is also a multimedia producer. He is best known in Zimbabwe for books published with College Press(Macmillans) on environmental issues, specifically the Geography of Southern African for secondary schools. He has also volunteered for several years with Zambuko/ Izibuko - a first intercultural community theatre group in Harare post independence. He has toured and promoted Sunduza Dance Theatre from Bulawayo extensively to various parts of the world. His interests and work include issues around cultural space, artist management training, e-learning & video resource development. He trained with UNESCO Film school in Harare and has had films screened for the Frontline States Film Festival.

Following the tragic death of Mandla Sibanda and Simon Banda in 2012 this closed a chapter of the first twelve years of our joint work in the UK and an additional 10 years of work in the UK, around the world and Zimbabwe that included large scale tours with Sunduza Dance Theatre with several new productions. It is very diffiucult to find willing and able individuals to replace such multitalented people like Simon Banda and Mandla Sibanda. However slowly a new team is emerging.

In 2012 we have welcomed support from our trustee director Keitu Motlogwa, previously a singing member of SOSA-XA! Choir who offered to hold the fort until a larger team could be assembled. Richard Mahachi took over the leadership for Kutamba in 2012 and SOSA-XA in 2014.

January 2014 Richard Mahachi from Umkhati Theatreworks was the artist in residence but retired at the end of the year due to family issues. The choir is now led by Tonderai Phiri. Originally from Bulawayo he is currently the new director of music for SOSA-XA! . Richard has also been leading our dancing for climate change project through Kutamba

We are delighted that so many people have supported the trust over the years and its continuing work especially our Chairman, Robin Railly and members of the choir. The team continues to be rebuilt and the team in Bulawayo supporting Amasiko lemvelo and Sunduza Dance theatre continues to renew itself and engage with fresh projects with plenty of activity from Leroy Sibanda leading Amasiko lemvelo and Charliue Banda(Simon Banda's son)and team as part of Sunduza.

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